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New Discovery – Water Has Memory

Water Records Its History
Water retains memories of its history.  We can filter the water but the frequencies are still retained.

These frequencies still have an affect on our bodies unless we reprogram the water by erasing the bad vibrations and frequencies still lingering.

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Healing Stones

Healing ailments with stones is not new to the world
It is an ancient art that has been practiced since prehistoric times. Countries like China and Egypt have rich culture that speaks volumes of stories of various instances when people were treated with stones and crystals. It was believed that these stones are special objects with supernatural powers that can be used for one’s distinct purpose.  Well, those people are no more but the stones are still in existence. They have adored the earth’s bed for thousands of years and are found out by researchers and that’s not an easy task.  Healing stones are still considered by many who believe in it.

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Frequency Disks Remove Negative Emotion

Frequency Disks Remove Negative Emotion – Utilize the power of plant frequencies infused into stones.  They readily absorb together through a special proprietary process to synergistically create powers that can transform and heal.


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