Natural Biological Medicine – Basic Principles For Regeneration

Is Your Environment
Harming Your Immune System?

Dr. Michael Clarjen Arconada,
Doctor of Advanced Biological Medicine

Dr. Michael explains what we should be aware of and how we can regenerate first with ourselves and then to our planet to make a difference for humanity!

The complexity of coordinated action by the immune system shows harmonious team work at its best. However, the collective ignorance of the modern human species in managing the natural resources available on planet earth has generated pervasive pollution of toxic elements.

The essential function of the immune system is to differentiate self from non-self and act accordingly in an optimal way to neutralize and remove non-self factors in the organism.

The degree of toxicity is such that we can now identify toxic metals, PCBs, benzene, synthetic dyes, malonic acid, fungus spores and mycotoxins, even wheel-bearing grease and motor oil in the liver and kidneys. Furthermore, they can be identified in our white blood cells in their attempt to remove them. But after a certain level of intoxication they are parallized unable to perform their functions. They become south polarized , their membranes partially dissolved and coated (overwhelmed) with too much ferrite iron or nickel and other heavy metals that are south polarized. A number of Immune Regeneration Protocols (IRPs) can be designed and implemented along Natural Biological Medicine Principles. But first, emphasis should be placed on removing the sources of immunity inhibitors, many of them coming through drinking chlorox bleach water and their spraying in foods, toxic food additives, along with manufacturing process, equipment sources, industrial disinfectants and food conveyor belts, among other sources.

We are making our selves sick!

We must stop this madness.  We must refuse to accept such catastrophic perils to our human race for all mankind, mother earth and all it’s precious creatures!  Please Join With Us For The Ecological Home Project in bringing awareness and shedding light on this truly horific epidimic!

Nature is Simple!  And so should we go back to the basics!

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