Benefits of Grass Fed Dairy & Meats

Benefits of Grass-Fed Products

We have all been trained by modern society to buy non fat, chemically altered food products and to avoid the real butters and dairy.

Believe it or not saturated fat and cholesterol are good for the body and contain vital nutrients that are important to ones overall health.

Healthy saturated fat and cholesterol have actually been proven to prevent heart disease.  Good fats facilitate hormone regulation and cell membrane function.  Studies have shown that saturated fat and cholesterol are good to have in the diet also helps to reduce inflammation.

Heart Disease was merely a very rare disease in the early 20th century. As food processing began to take off in the 1950’s, so did the occurrence of heart disease as a health threat.

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#Grass-fed butter has incredible health benefits and should be used as a staple part of our diet.

  • Butter is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Lecithin, Selenium, Magnesium, Zinc and more.
  • Butter is a great source of Vitamin D & K2 which promote healthier bones and arteries
  • Great Source of Vitamin A (Retinol) which is beneficial for the adrenals, thyroid and overall cardiovascular health. Retinol is extremely important for healthy neurological function as well as improving immune coordination and vision. Retinol is a a beauty nutrient because it improves the texture of your skin and  prevents the formation of acne and eczema.  Retinol also improves the shine and luster of your hair.
  • Contains CLA (Conjugated  Linoleum Acid) which reduces belly fat, promotes lean muscle and protects against cancer. Meat and dairy products from grass-fed animals can produce up to five hundred percent more CLA than those of cattle fed from grains.
  • Grass Fed butter is a great source of Butyrate, which helps to alleviate inflammation,
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