An Introduction to the Many Essential Oils Uses

When it comes to essential oil uses, the list is extensive, owing to the inherent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of the oils. Apart from the more common use as a home redemy for different treatment courses, other essential oil uses include application in aromatherapy, as well as formulating beauty care products and household cleaning products.

Adding rosemary and/or lavender drops to regular shampoo can help in treating an irritated scalp, thickening hair as well as treating dandruff. Other essential oils uses for beauty and skin care include making regular and acne facial scrubs, toothpaste and teeth whitener, reducing stretch marks, cellulite and wrinkles. Drops of jasmine, lavender, cypress, and clove essential oils among others serve as a natural perfume, giving off a refreshingly natural fragrance. Peppermint essential oil droplets are also a great natural breath freshener.

In the household setting, there are innumerable essential oils uses for cleaning and other purposes. Lemon oil, tea tree, vinegar, cinnamon among other oils can be used for cleaning the dishes, cleaning fresh fruit and vegetable produce, eliminating odor from worn shoes, scrubbing kitchen surfaces, floors, and the bathtub. Your guests can also enjoy the comfort of a home with a wonderful and natural fragrance by diffusing essential oils such as rosemary as they enjoy a glass of flavored lemon water or a cup of tea with a hint of rosemary or mint.

For relaxation and spa treatments, essential oils uses extend to improving relaxation and relieving tension in massage therapy, improving sleep quality and inhaling the essence of the oils in aromatherapy for general relaxation. An integral part of essential oil uses is in medicinal applications such as treating burns and bruises, providing relief for PMS, improving circulation and digestion, reducing fever, soothing a blister and sunburns and making a homemade vapor rub that helps with asthma and related conditions. Specific essential oils also improve aller gies in the long run, and provide a significant boost to the body’s immune system.

The essential oils uses are inexhaustible and hold many benefits for the user.

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