17 Reasons to Do Yoga Regularly




1. Yoga helps you focus on your breathing, which is the most essential and basic necessity of life.
2. Yoga  allows your mind to soften and your heart to open.
3. Yoga can help you to gain clarity about things you’re working through each day.
4. Yoga can help you reprogram your mind and move beyond any negative inner turmoil and dialogue.


5. Balance poses in yoga invite you to get out of your head and connect to  your body and soul.
6. Yoga balances your body and can help with weight loss, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), inflammation and a variety of ailments.
7. Yoga facilitates healing and equips you with tools to better cope with stressful events and trauma
8. Yoga can bring your awareness to the tension being held in your body, so that you can release it.
9. Yoga classes are a great way to meet new, interesting and like-minded people.
10. Yoga opens up a whole world of travel opportunities, with amazing yoga retreats held all over the world.
11. There are lots of different styles and levels of yoga. Find the best ‘fit’ for you.
12. Doing yoga regularly can help you to discover what makes you really happy.
13. Creating a regular yoga practice enhances flexibility and strength to your body.
14. Yoga positions can help you feel stronger and better able to cope with life’s unexpected turns.
15. Yoga empowers you to consciously make better and healthier food choices.16. Yoga opens you up to new inspiration, inner joy and gratitude.17. Yoga reconnects you with your inner-conciousness, your heart and your deepest desires and dreams


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